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Have you ever spent the night lying awake, haunted by the idea of “What would happen if there was a Kid Macklemore?” Me neither, but I drew it anyways.

Basically born from the fact that last year when I taught dance at a school latchkey program and had to find kid-friendly music, Macklemore was a constant request I could not fulfill since it a) usually contains swear words and b) any kid friendly version of any Macklemore song made me want to run headfirst into a brick wall. So here we have KID MACKLEMORE! Here to be cool and sing family friendly music and I dunno, save the world from aliens or ghosts or something.

"Walk up to the club like ‘what up I got a big SMILE"

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It’s pretty exciting to announce that i have finally completed all the animation for “Minstrel,” my junior film project. To celebrate, I laid out all my drawings in piles on the floor. That’s a lot of trees killed. But I think it’s worth it.

Everything else that needs to be done is animation clean-up, coloring frames, putting together the final sound and editing it all together. But it will finally be done in a little more time.

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While Minstrel goes into it’s final stretch to completion, I have already begun early production for my senior thesis. Here are the messy thumbnails that will eventually become “Jean and Dempsey.” I did these over spring break while I was stuck at work. The film needs to be around three minutes and I’m almost 98% sure this is over that minute mark, so this sequence of storyboards will be cut. But here they are!

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Here at school, we are having companies come and view student’s work on Friday but nobody knows who got into the show and we won’t until Wednesday. So I’m rushing at putting a printed portfolio and business cards together despite not knowing if I even need to, nor having much time to prepare. So I’ve been pacing my kitchen nervously with a cup of coffee in my hands and rough designing a business card.

Excuse me as I melt into a useless puddle.

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